“I actually love my work again”

Highland Animal Clinic is by far the best vet experience I’ve had. My husky is 4 years old now and I have been taking her to Highland her whole life, they have also seen and treated my cat and another family dog. I have never once had a bad experience there. The staff are wonderful and kind, the Vets are so patient and gentle with my pets. I would 300% recommend Highland if you are looking for a new Vet.


We have been going to Highland Animal Clinic for decades. Dr. Jen Tuomi is wonderful as was her father before her. Dr. Krellner seems like the same sort of personable and helpful vet that fits with the practice. The Covid protocols are very good and I feel very safe dropping off my pets to have them looked at, even if I am not allowed in the clinic. The techs and vets and office staff are all friendly and helpful and even my very nervous rescue dog was happy to going in and coming out. The staff said they had no problems with her which says so much about how wonderful they are