The Real Cost of Veterinary Sign-on Bonuses

On the surface, sign-on bonuses seem straightforward. Businesses offer special pay outside of the regular salary to tempt new hires, and job seekers get a boost in pay at the start of a new position. Sign-on bonuses are now offered for every veterinary position, and have become a normal part of the hiring process. In [...]

Yes! Veterinary Medicine and Business Can (and Should!) Be Harmonious

I almost changed the title of this article before submission, but I realized that simply supports the point I'm about to make. Even before reading the words contained in the article, the title prepares you to think of business and veterinary medicine as a dichotomy that we must be convinced to make harmonious. This, however, [...]

Four Reasons Why Mentorship is a Must for Your Veterinary Practice

When I graduated from veterinary school in 2013, it seemed like everyone was talking about whether it was better to do a post-graduation mentorship or an internship. Both sides agreed that new graduates need support as young doctors, but no one knew the best way to provide it.  I chose mentorship, and to this day, [...]

How Gaining Equity Changed My Life: Nickolas Biermaier’s Story

Having ownership makes you more committed to the business’ success and more interested in the people who work there, because they are your employees. Your entire mindset changes, making your business involvement a much more personal experience. The investment also leads to a much more fulfilling work life, because you know your efforts are financing [...]

Should Your Employment Agreement Include a Non-Compete Clause?

Open the cover of virtually any trade publication, scroll through VIN, or join a veterinary Facebook group and it won’t take long to find articles, posts, and ensuing arguments around non-compete agreements.  While we don’t have “the” answer—we don’t believe a single answer fits every situation—we’ve turned to two experienced veterinary professionals to hear their [...]

Putting People First in Veterinary Medicine

As a veterinarian going through an MBA program at Boston University's Questrom School of Business, I have had the incredible opportunity to explore how business concepts and ideas used in large companies can apply to veterinary hospitals.  Prioritizing employees as stakeholders One of the major projects assigned during my first semester centered around prioritizing stakeholders. [...]

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